HandsomeGroup fuses cutting-edge audio visual technology and expertise with seamless, functional and aesthetic design, while focusing on end-to-end customer support on every project. Our high standards of customer care means our clients experience 24/7 support throughout every step of the process, and even long after a project is completed. We keep our customers’ long-term goals in mind and provide them with a custom-tailored solution that can grow and adapt with their ever-changing needs. Whether you are seeking to install or upgrade your home, office, restaurant, hotel, or school or produce an event, our trained, professional technicians are equipped to handle jobs of any size in any space.

HandsomeGroup Richard Meggat CEO - residential & commercial - IT, Audio visual & Event production
HandsomeGroup Richard Meggat CEO - Commercial Audio Visual
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As the founder of HandsomeGroup, Richard fuses his passion for technology, music, and film with his background in innovation and engineering. Growing up, he saw firsthand the results of his family’s perseverance and commitment to excellence– qualities which continue in HandsomeGroup’s dedication to exceptional customer service and groundbreaking solutions.

Richard’s inclination toward technology can be traced to his grandfather who, as an engineer in the Royal Air Force, helped to design the Spitfire aircraft. Today, Richard uses his background in computer science and technology to lead HandsomeGroup in delivering tailored, state-of-the-art solutions for homes, businesses, events, and more.

Richard Meggat leads HandsomeGroup in business development and personally oversees the advancement of client relationships, partnerships, training, and system designs. His passion for learning new things drives him to create personalized, cutting-edge solutions for clients. The constant evolution of technology ensures HandsomeGroup continuously delivers the highest quality service, bringing luxury, reliability, and innovation together for results that transform any space or event.

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HandsomeGroup Richard Meggat CEO - multimedia


HandsomeGroup is comprised of highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable technicians, designers, programmers, and more.  Our skilled team of experts can transform any commercial space, residence or event into a high-tech, highly functional, secure, and design-savvy area to work, live or play. Please contact us today to learn more.


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